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08 May 2011

A few final words from Norman...

20 years….how can I possibly sum it all up in a few well chosen words?

Well…I’m going to have to use the F word…several F words…. 

Fun – rehearsals have always been interesting; challenging but almost always guaranteed to raise the spirits and shake of lifes exhaustion…especially after the favourite bit of the night…tea brea

Flexible – this choir doesn’t realise that it’s not normal!  The variety and breadth of musical experiences we have had over the past 20 years has been a testament to their abilities. 

I think we can safely say we’ve had a mutual trust which has allowed us to take risks and produce some great concerts…no matter how many sleepless nights we’ve caused along the way.

Having the freedom to choose programmes in this way has also meant that we’ve worked with some stunning soloists (tonight being no exception) and also many local young musicians as guests and orchestral players 

Friendship – like any group I suppose there are occasional disagreements amongst the members but I certainly feel that Dingwall Choral members have a special bond of friendship.  A special thanks must also go to Committee members over the years who have taken responsibility for so much of the Society’s organisation


Family – mine actually…many members here have watched my children grow and been happy to have them involved in performances.  That has certainly been special for me and their support and that of Dinah has helped maintain the balance between my musical commitments and that of the family.

Faithful – so many of the performers tonight have been faithful to the choir for a great number of years – 20 and more in some cases.

I hope this will continue as I hand the reigns over to John as Conductor.  I have no doubt in his ability to lead the choir into a new era and hope that members old and new will continue to be loyal to the group.  

Fingers Fraser – as she was christened at our last concert!  Crucial to the choirs success, I can’t emphasise enough how much I’ve appreciated Aileens support and loyalty over the years – and also that of previous accompanists. 

Fans – no point performing without an audience…another faithful group of people – although not always the same faces at each concert, we have a loyal audience base and of course I also hope this will continue in years to come.

Future – change in any circumstance is always tricky…but I hope the choir will go from strength to strength.  I know that Thursday’s will certainly not be the same for me come autumn.  Inevitably I’ll miss this aspect of my musical life but I daresay there will be something to replace it.

Thank you again to everyone who has made my time as conductor such a special experience


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