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Summer Madrigals
17 May 2011

Stuart Walker is hoping to get a body of singers together sometime in July to sing a few madrigals and is looking for interested parties.

Madrigal singing is great fun and I encourage everyone to get involved.


The full e-mail is reproduced here;


 Hi all,

NB Please forward this e-mail to anyone else you think might be interested

For some years now I have been hoping that someone might provide an opportunity in the area to explore singing madrigals; sadly no one has!  so I have been thinking I might try and organize something myself.  I also know that many people who sing regularly during the autumn - spring months feel a bit of a gap in the summer when everything seems to stop.

This email is by way of canvassing interest in such an event.  

My thoughts are something along the lines of -

  •     a day, one weekend towards the end of July. 
  •     venue would probably be  a hired room somewhere, perhaps Duthac Centre, Tain; Ardross Hall (any other suggestions welcome)
  •     cost - just to cover any expenses
  •     music - I would be happy to provide the music, predominantly from the English madrigal repertoire eg Morley, Campian, Weelkes  etc  but  could also maybe try some of the Italian Madrigals or others in the same vein
  •     for the music to be viable we would need probably a minimum of 2 or 3 per part SATB, more if we tried 5 or more part pieces
I would not claim to have any experience in vocal direction, so this would be a democratic event(!), unless someone with more experience in this area would be willing to take on this role.

So, if you are interested, in principle at this stage, please drop me an e-mail to 

Let me know if you have any preference re: dates or venue, whether you are S,A,T or B, and any suggestions you might have

Please, also, forward this email to anyone else that you think might be interested in taking part.

Hopefully, meet with you in the Summer (at least it shouldn't be cancelled because of the weather ... )


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