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23 May 2011

Dear All

Just a note or two to say a big thanks for 20 years of enjoyable music-making at the helm of Dingwall Choral.

The gifts and cheque received after the final Concert (another good one by the way!) were very much appreciated.  The gardening tools will certainly be well used over the years and will no doubt conjure up a tune or two in my musical memories each time I use them.  The cheque will go toward some garden furniture for all those relaxing Thursday evenings (hmm...forgot for a moment that they'll be over the winter!)

Thanks also for the lovely flowers given to Dinah - both the Concert display and those she received afterwards have been well admired and very much appreciated.

I hope that you will all support John as he takes over next season - I know he has some great ideas and will be an asset to the Society.

Many thanks once again

Norman & Dinah

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