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Easter Goings on
08 April 2012

It seems I am something of a work-a-holic.  


I am sure you hadn't realised this.


I am even more sure that my wife hadn't realised this.


I certainly hadn't realised this!


But there is circumstancial evidence to this effect.  As I have not been at school this past week, I have often found myself at a loose end and unable to settle on any time-wasting project such as watching television or even scrolling through pictures of lolcats on the internet!  Finally I managed to find a suitable task that would not only be a worthwhile use of my time, but also keep me out of my wife's hair (not literally, as she leaves hairs everywhere).

I took it upon myself to create a logo for Dingwall and District Choral Society.  Many drawings later I came up with what I deemed to be suitable and set about refining it into an acceptable logo.  Armed with a handy pair of scissors and a gold pen I set to work with relish (no condiments were used in the creation of this logo, not even salad creme).  Once I was satisfied with my cut out creation (and had incidentally covered the couch with remnants of paper) I set upon the task of digitising the image.  As many of you are aware, I am not the most computer-savvy person out there so this task took longer than the whole physical creation of the logo.  Nevertheless I persevered and the results can be seen on the banner at the top of the page!


As ever, your comments are invited.



Hope to see you all at the Tulloch Hotel on Thursday at 7.30pm for a get together with our American friends.


Happy Easter!

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