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The Boy and the Bunnet
09 September 2012

On the 20th September we shall be delighted to host a performance of The Boy and the Bunnet.  Starting at 7.30, this performance is not just for choir members, but anyone who would like to come along so please invite your friends, family, pets, colleagues, old woman you found in the street, favourite butcher or football team.  We anticipate it shall last no longer than an hour.  The second half of the rehearsal shall be as usual; any guests you invited shall be welcome to stay and watch (or even join in!).


Described as 'a Peter and the Wolf for Scots language', The Boy and the Bunnet is a tale o a young laddie cried Neil. He bides in a wee white hoose, aw on its ain beside the sea….

Neil shares his home with his Granny and a wee, grey Cat. There are some other animals nearby, like the shy, sleekit Selkie, the muckle, handsome Stag, and the crabbit Craw. And there’s a mysterious beast, the Urisk, that Granny says likes tae eat wee laddies for supper!



...on second thoughts, perhaps you should leave your pets at home...

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