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Progress so far.
30 September 2012

I have been enormously pleased with how rehearsals are going so far.


The fact that so many of us have performed the Messiah before has been a wonderful boon as it has allowed me to skip most of the note-bashing and jump straight into the detail of the work.  However, there always remains the danger of complacency.  I am giving the choir some particular performance directions, all of which will not create the desired effect if even one individual is not switched on and following them.  Because of this I do encourage everyone to write such directions in their score and have a look over them at home; this means that I do not have to keep repeating the same instructions week in, week out ( all we/ Liiiike sheep.)

I recognise that most of us have very busy lives, but any little you can do through the week shall prove benificial in rehearsal.  

We have one more week before the October holidays where my intention is to go over everything we have done so far, so if there is a particular passage that you are not confident about please let me know.  Should you have never sung the Messiah before and are struggling on a particularly tricky section please don't hesitate to raise a hand I shall attempt to help you.  The same can be said for anyone who suddenly realised that they have been singing one part wrong for years!  You would be surprised how often this happens; you are not alone!


I do hope this hasn't come across as too much of a rant as I am genuinely pleased with how things are going.


Looking forward to seeing you all on Thursday.



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